LGR Dehumidifier - 130 Pints Per Day Capacity

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LGR Dehumidifier - 130 Pints Per Day Capacity

Our Low Grain Refrigerant (LGR) dehumidifier contains an enhanced refrigeration system that removes humidity more efficiently than other conventional refrigerant dehumidifiers. It provides a double cooling feature which cools the air coming into the unit, forces the water vapor to condense and extracts greater amounts of water from any humid environment.


Tested Dehumidification Capacity:

@AHAM (80℉, 60%RH) - 130 pints per day

Tested Dehumidification Capacity:

@SATURATION - 230 pints per day

Power: 8.3 Amps, AC110-120V/60HZ

Rated Power: 945Watts (80℉, 60%RH)

Air Circulation: 410 CFM / 697m3/h

Refrigerant: R410a/ 26.8 Oz

Operating Range: 34-100℉

Defrost type: hot gas valve

Steel Handle that allows easier mobility

With semi-pneumatic wheels

Housing: Rotomolded polyethylene


Other features included: 

1. Hot Gas Valve system enables a better capacity in low temperature situations;
2. Low amperage and low power consumption, safe and energy-saving;
3. Comes with a back air discharge outlet, allowing you to connect an air duct to it;
4. With good quality water pump, reliable operation and low maintenance;
5. High quality and heavy duty semi-pneumatic wheels;
6. Easy to assemble and disassemble. Very easy to maintain;
7. Comes with a fast connector adapter for the hose;
8. Draw and push type air filter, highly convenient;
9. Continuous drainage outlet assures the unit can drain water regularly, even in case the water pump fails.