Ventomist 24" Portable Misting Fan - High Pressure 1000 PSI pump and 16 gallon water tank

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Ventomist 24" Portable Misting Fan - High Pressure 1000 PSI pump and 16 gallon water tank

Ventomist Portable High Pressure Misting Fan, model number VTHPMF-2405, 24” inch diameter, three speed. Grey with white color option available.



  • 24” diameter oscillating fan head, three speed, 0.27 H.P. electrical motor, 115 volts, 1.9 amperes
  • 0.5 LPM high pressure misting pump (rated at 1,000 PSI), 115 volts, 2.3 amperes. Includes 10 micron water filtration system
  • 24-hour digital control panel with different programmable functions and settings, for a hands-free operation;
  • Adjustable height, swiveling and oscillating fan head
  • 16 Gallons Water Reservoir
  • Stainless steel misting rings and nozzles, includes anti-drip system;
  • Unit Dimensions (inches): 78.7 Height X 26 Width X 27.6 Depth
  • Unit Weight: 116 lbs.
  • Air Flow: 9,150 CFM



Ventomist Portable High Pressure Misting Fans were designed for being used in different applications. These units are ideal for reducing high temperatures inside warehouses, industrial sites, factories, assembly lines, loading docks and manufacturing centers. Also, these fans are ideal for residential and commercial locations, hotels, amusement parks, social and sporting events, as well as in residential or restaurant patios and terraces.

Its most common use is for personnel cooling in places or areas with high temperatures and where installation of an air conditioning unit would not be efficient.



Portable misting fans have become very popular in the outdoor event and rental marketplace. Mainly, because misting fans:


1. Can reduce outside temperatures quickly and dramatically;

2. Do not require any major installation;

3. Are environmentally friendly, and

4. Offer a very inexpensive way for cooling your events – with significantly low electricity and water costs.


But when planning an event, one should keep in mind that not all misting units are created equally. It is important to select a high pressure misting unit that is capable of cooling guests in parties, weddings, receptions, social, hospitality and sporting events that will not wet the surroundings or create excessive humidity.

Ventomist® offers high pressure and portable misting fans that allow you to enjoy and take control of your outdoor activities where needed, even under direct sunlight.

Due to the fact that our units are available in many different sizes – 18”, 24”, 30”, 36" and a few more, event planners can rely on our products for bringing cooler temperatures virtually anywhere.