Ventomist 30" Misting Fan Head

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Ventomist 30" Misting Fan Head

Ventomist Premium Misting Fan Head, model number VTPFH–30–OSC–WM, 30” diameter, three speed, for fixed misting systems. This unit comes with a wall mount, stainless steel rings and nozzles and a rotary knob 3-speed controller.

  • 30” diameter oscillating fan head, three speed, 0.27 H.P. electrical motor, 115 volts, 1.9 amperes
  • Adjustable swiveling mechanism and oscillating fan head
  • Includes wall mount, stainless steel misting rings and nozzles and anti-drip system
  • Metal fittings covered in electroless nickel plating to avoid corrosion and water contamination (for food grade misting in restaurants and food processing plants)
  • Unit Dimensions (inches): 32 Width X 13.4 Depth
  • Unit Weight: 48 lbs.
  • 8,865 CFM


Ventomist High Pressure Misting Fan Heads were designed for being used in different applications. These units are ideal for reducing high temperatures inside warehouses, industrial sites, factories, assembly lines, loading docks and manufacturing centers. Also, these Fan Heads are ideal for residential and commercial locations, hotels, amusement parks, social and sporting events, as well as in residential or restaurant patios and terraces.

Our Premium Misting Fan Heads can also be installed in any wall, column, joist and/or beam with an included wall mount or bracket that allows the fans to be placed at any height or distance from each other.

Its most common use is for personnel cooling in places or areas with high temperatures and where installation of an air conditioning unit would not be efficient.